If you can’t beat the Banks and Finance Companies…Join Them!

One of the first things almost every one of our clients does is to form their own bank or finance company.  This is not a complicated thing to do and I am not talking about setting up a federally chartered bank or a brick and mortar finance company.  What I am talking about is using some of your own money, pooling it in a certain spot, and then loaning that money out to you or your business.
Whoever borrows the funds has the responsibility to pay those funds back with interest and pay appropriate closing costs for the loan.  Now you not only have a successful medical practice making you money but you also have a very profitable (tax free) finance company that makes money every year without fail.  We pool those funds a very certain way to maximize all the benefits and to make the growth of the money 100% tax free for life and NOT just “tax deferred”.
So when you are going to need an automobile why not finance it through your own bank?  By doing so you will recapture all the lost depreciation of that automobile and pick up the interest you would have paid a finance company.  Say you bought a $40,000 vehicle and finance it traditionally either with a lease or a 5 year auto loan.  In 5 years you have a car that is now worth $10,000 but you have paid back to the bank the original $40,000 plus about $7,000 worth of interest.  So you paid out $47,000 and have a $10,000 rapidly depreciating asset to show for your $47,000.  Can you see what a massive wealth drain this is and why it must be stopped?  Incidentally you do no better by leasing and even worse.  Yes you don’t own the car and can turn it in but you still paid out all those payments and have nothing to show for it and you now must continue to make monthly payments that make the leasing company rich and you poor.
Now simply do this math.  Let’s borrow that money from the bank we control out of a very special account and simply make payments back every month just as if we borrowed the money from Bank of America.  In 5 years you have the $47,000 back into your account which means you have effectively beaten the car and its depreciation.  Your bank picked up the $5,000 in interest plus you picked up another few thousand dollars of guaranteed growth during the 5 years.  So you go from having a $10,000 asset to about $60,000 in assets.  Which figure is better to you?  This is not complicated but it is simple genius (always the best kind of genius).  Could you use this same strategy with all of your other office equipment and machines instead of making leasing companies rich?  Of course you could and you should!  Some of our clients start cash flowing $7,000 to $10,000 per month back into their own banks instead of banks and finance companies.  What an easy, systematic, and guaranteed way to build your wealth by beating the bank by becoming the bank!
These banks really get good when you start buying appreciating assets with the borrowed funds and paying the bank back as described above.  This kind of structure will blow your retirement plan up and you owe it to yourself and your family to get all the details on this first hand and get it set up.  We will handle all of it for you but you must reach out to us today.

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