Retirement Disaster looms for Universal Life Policy Holders

When I meet with Doctors all over the country about 65% of them have already set up a Universal Life Policy.  These policies are also known by other names such as Variable Policies or Indexed Universal Life policies.  They are sold as the holy grail of financial tools because you are told that you can put money inside of these vehicles (lots of it) and it will be protected against loss (depending on the actual type of policy) and you can ride the market if it goes up and not get hurt if it goes down.

All seems so reasonable but there are major flaws with this kind of policy and the agent that sold you the policy probably does not even know about them. These policies are almost guaranteed to self implode just when you need them in your retirement years.  Rather than write a big long article here we have prepared a free package we will happily send out to you if either you or anyone you know is the unfortunate owner of one of these policies.  The good news is that there is a simple way to solve this problem.  Simply email us for a free information package at or visit

I recently had a retired neurosurgeon at one of my live classes who was 70 years old.  When he was 49 he started putting money into a Universal Policy and was told he would have around 1.4 million dollars in 20 years.  He ended up with just over $400,000.  Worse than that is his cost of insurance at 70 years old for that much insurance was just about $50,000 a year!  That was just the premium for the insurance without adding one dime to the cash value of the policy.  The insurance premium was going to go up by about 18% per year from that moment forward.  So he closed down the policy which means he was exposed to taxes for the small amount of gain he actually had realized and now he has no death benefit for his family.  This is just one of many dozens of people we hear from who are experiencing similar results with these ill conceived policies.  Contact us now for our free information package to find out how you can be spared this retirement disaster.

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